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Among Us Mod Apk (Menu)

Welcome to The Official Website of Among Us Mod. Here You can Download Among Us Mod Apk(Menu) Latest Game for Android Device.

Mod Menu No Ads Double Kill All Hat, Skin Unlocked

Among Us Mod Menu APK is the Role Playing Action game that can be played either Online or offline with Wi-Fi among 4-15 players who will be travelling in a spaceship. But from the group of players there will be an imposter which needs to be thrown out of the ship. To identify the imposter you can chat, talk, and then vote if the right imposter is caught you will win the game and that imposter will be thrown out of the ship. Players also need to be aware of Imposters as they are harmful for you and the other crewmates. In 2021 the game became so player and almost every famous content creators on YouTube published lots of content about it and did livestream. When you play the game with your friends, it is going to be very fantastic.

Among Us Mod Apk

What Is Among Us?

Among is an Action Role Playing Game developed by Innersloth LLC, where you will be going in space with at a spaceship with your crewmates and an Imposter among us who will be killing the rest of the crewmates and your job is to identify who is the imposter. For this you can call a meeting to start voting and if the real imposter is identified will be thrown out of the spaceship.

Here you can complete tasks, each food, fix the bugs of spaceship, and perform many other activities. There are various methods by which the game can be won, such as by completing all the tasks, by discovering and voting imposters to get off from the ship. In 2021 the game became so famous, and currently it has 100M+ installations on Google Play Store.

Key Highlights

  • All Platform Support
  • Multiplayer Up to 4-15
  • Group Chat and Discussion
  • HQ Graphics
  • Exciting In-Game Materials
  • Online & Offline Mode

Among Us Become popular in 2021 when so many famous game streamers on YouTube and Twitch started playing and did live-stream of this game. Due to this a hype became for this and then the game got tremendous support from rest of their audiences. To win this game, you need To build your own proper strategy and presence of mind so that you could take right decision.

In the game among all the crewmates one person will be secretly assigned as imposter, and they will finish the other crewmates, if that player succeeds in finishing all the other players they will become the winner. But if the rest of the members caught that player, then the game will continue by throwing it into the space.


Multiplayer Game

The world has developed so far and the demand for Multiplayer game is at its peak so the good thing about Among Us, it is a multiplayer game and can be played with friends online as well as offline. You can invite friends with a given ID and once they join the crew game can be started to play. In multiplayer game, each player can perform their own role according to their choice and situation demand, or on the order of IGL (In game leader).

Group Chat & Discussion

The one thing that it lacks is voice chat in real time, and it’s using the old chat system of text format which has become very old-fashioned depending upon currency user requirements. As text messages are time taking, and you have to be quick with a great speed in typing, which becomes easier in voice chat. Here you can do group chat and discuss the game movements about imposters and other mission stuffs via text. But to talk in Voice, you can use any third party applications that provides the service of VOIP. If the game developers could add the voice talk feature, the game would have become even more famous than it is now.

Online & Offline Mode

In the recent launches, I have noticed almost all the multiplayer games that have launched are available to play only online. There isn’t any option to play offline when internet goes off. So if you are a person for whom internet connectivity is an issue or get internet sometimes, then Among Could be a better choice for yourself, as it has the option to play the game in Online as well as offline mode. In online it can be played with random guy from anywhere in the world or with our known friends but in offline we can play only with those people who sit near us, because it works on a kind of Wi-Fi connection.

HQ Graphics

The demand for high quality graphics has increases a lot and now almost everyone looks for game that have good quality of graphics and looks everything beautiful. So in case of graphics, this game is amazing, and I’m sure it is not going to disappoint you again. The maps, characters, in-game items, and all the other things available in this game are of HQ, and they are designed with fine textures and detailing that every player gonna love the game for sure.

New Kind Of Story

The story of Among Us game is completely different and unique from all the other Battle Royale games and online Multiplayer games available in the market. Almost all of them have the same story that you will spawn on an island look for weapons and fight with the other survivors and the last remaining party will win. In this game also the story is very similar but with different kind of style. Here a crew will be travelling in a spaceship where an imposter will be assigned secretly who will be killing rest of the crewmates, and it succeeds in finishing everyone without getting caught, that player will win the game. But in case it is getting caught, their story is finished at that moment.

All Platform Support

Nowadays almost all the games releases for every platform, but there are a few games out there which have support to limited platforms only. It might support either Phone, PC, PlayStation, but in case of Among Us, it is all-rounder and support all the available gaming platforms where games can be played. That’s why this game got such a massive support in short span of time globally. But I’m sure you are a mobile player and love playing it with friends online as well as offline with friends.

Among Us Mod Menu APK

This is a Modified version of the original game where all the limitations have been eliminated, and the game is made super smooth for you to play. In this customized version we have made everything for free the items that used to come at a price and the items are locked for some kind of game level demand. Here you will find Unlimited Money, All the skins have been unlocked along with maps, the number of hats and pets has been unlimited, so you can use them as much you like to without any limitations.

Among Us Mod APK

Mod Info

Unlimited Money

In this game the in-game currency is used to purchase in-game items but to purchase them you will need real money, we have done it unlimited so that you don’t run out of funds in the game. In-game currency is very, very important in almost every, as they are used to purchasing whatever item offered by the game. It can be any new skin, pet, hat and other items. By doing unlimited, the requirement of funds won’t be an issue, and you can freely use this as much you like to use absolutely free without purchasing anything.

All Skins unlocked

There are various kinds of skins available in the game that makes your character looks beautiful and other in-game materials appears pretty while using in the game. But getting them requires in-game currency, and it requires real money to purchase. But here we also unlocked all the skins offered by the game for free. With this modded version, you can use any skin you want to use without making any purchase and participating in any events.

No Ads

Advertisements are one of the most annoying thing available in any game or application. As the number of advertisements in Among Us game is very limited already, but we have managed to get rid of them too so that it looks clean and ad free. I know almost all of us hate advertisements, and watching them rarely benefits us. In some of the game it delivers some kind of benefit but in case of this there is no benefit at all, so there is no need to see those annoying ads which divert our concentration.

Unlimited Hats

Here we have some kind of hats which are more in number that used to decorate the character, but there are only a few hats made available for free, but we did it unlimited by removing all kinds of requirements for free. Previously it requires in-game currency otherwise it won’t be available, but now you have to just select it and use whichever you like to use, and it won’t need any purchase.

Download Among Us Mod APK for Android

Among Us Mod Menu APK

The download link for Among Us Mod Menu APK is here and by clicking on the below button you can easily enjoy the premium features of the app.

NameAmong Us
RequiredAndroid 6.0 and up
SourceGoogle Play Store

How To Install Among Us Mod APK?

If you don’t want to face any issue while installing Among Us Mod menu Apk then the below steps would be useful for you.

  1. Download the APK file from download button
  2. Find the Among Us .apk file from file manager
  3. Enable Unknown Sources (Settings > Security > Unknown Sources)
  4. Try installing the apk file once again
  5. Run the game

Note: In case if you have already installed the app try to uninstall the original version first of all then install the modified version.


How To Get Double Kill In Among Us?

You can easily get two kills, but for this you have to stay with other imposter where two crewmates are together. So you can kill both of them and there won’t be any witness, so 2 kills will be added to you.

How Imposter Can Win?

You can win as an imposter by killing the rest of the crewmates and not getting caught.

How To Do Voice Chat In Among Us?

Currently, the game has only texted chat option, but it can be done with the help of third party software products like Discord and other apps that has VOIP facilities.

Can I Play Among Us In Offline?

Yes, you can play Among Us in offline mode with your friends by connecting with Wi-Fi.

Last Words

At the end, I like to conclude that it is really an amazing game, and you will be playing it with this modded version. In this mod version, we have done tons of customization so that you don’t feel bored while playing the game. By using the store items for free, it becomes easier to try and test whatever items are arriving into the game. There are many games in this category, but none of them are as unique as Among Us.

Also, Bookmark this Site(AmongUSModApk.Net) for future updates of Among Us Mod APK. Every month AmongUs release an update with perks of new features and bug fix.


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